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Da hora! Mais spam na lista!

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> Hey,
> Please take a look  at  that  amazing place we've visited  yesterday, it
> is really beautiful! Check it out http://office.adrenalinemp1.com
> velasco.garcia
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> Subject: what's da bike?
> Freakonomics discussed the Broken Windows  theory,  and  concluded that
> there was  no causation between its usage and the violent crime drop  in
> the 90's. The  theory  is a sham in the  sense that kids  smoking weed  and
> urinating on the  streets are not likely to become murderers regardless of
> whether  you arrest them or not.
> However, the theory is,  in my opinion, good to implement. I don't like
> broken windows. They're ugly.  If  the police are going  to prevent people
> from breaking windows, I'm all for that. I couldn't imagine visiting NY if
> I  had to  take subways covered in graffiti and filled with druggie  thugs.
> (Of  course, throwing minor criminals in jail  and leaving the window
> broken  isn't going to be very  effective...)
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