[GTER] TC & IRRd v4 - match made in heaven?

Job Snijders job at sobornost.net
Fri Dec 18 11:40:56 -03 2020

Dear group,

I've seen various messages related to the 'TC' IRR source about
operations, object deletion, proxy objects. I've not been able to
decipher all messages, but I sense there is room for improvement and
this improvement can be achieved simply by upgrading whois.bgp.net.br to
new IRRd!

I'd like to bring to your attention that a new version of IRRd exists,
with a number of innovative features which will benefit the .BR community!

IRRd v4.1 has the following benefits, and more:

    * RPKI ROAs are automatically converted into representative IRR objects
    * Stale/typoed/rogue IRR route objects are automatically cleaned up
      based on RPKI data
    * New faster lookup query commands which integrate natively with bgqp4
    * Various bugs/non-deterministic behavior in IRRd v3 have been fixed
    * Backwards compatible with IRRd v2/v3 queries
    * Jumping on V4 will bring future features like API, GraphQL, NRTM v4 
    * Actively maintained by passionate group, free support is availble
    * Excellent documentation at https://irrd4.readthedocs.io/
    * Trusted by many: NTT, LACNIC, ARIN, IDNIC, others
    * FREE
    * ...

The RPKI integrations mean that when a .BR ISP creates a ROA for their
prefix in Krill (and publishes the .roa in NIC.BR's RPKI publicaiton
point), the IRRd instance at TC will automatically make/remove related
IRR objects. Automatically "killing 2 birds with 1 stone!" based on

This means the .br community can keep investing the primary resources in
RPKI, and the IRR will automatically follow RPKI!

I believe TC and its user community will benefit greatly from using the
new IRRd software. I'm happy to help assist in the migration process,
work with stakeholders (off-list), to make it happen.

Kind regards,


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