[GTER] New IETF draft: IPv4 with 64 bit Address Space

Antonio Modesto modesto at isimples.com.br
Thu Dec 10 08:26:34 -02 2015

Pelo jeito o Daniel J. Bernstein estava certo...


On 12/09/15 11:48, Humberto Galiza wrote:
> Abstract
>     This document describes a solution to the Internet address depletion
>     problem through use of a clever IPv4 options mechanism as a solution.
>     This IPv4 protocol extension is called enhanced IP (EnIP).  Because
>     it is IPv4, it maximizes backward compatibility while increasing
>     address space by a factor of 17.9 million.  Unlike other similar
>     proposals, care was taken to avoid costly changes and requirements to
>     the core network and border routers, with the exception that options
>     be passed in that equipment as described below.  Because it is
>     backward compatible, current IPv4 software, network equipment,
>     firewalls, intrusion detection/protection, and layer 5 firewalls can
>     be maintained until IPv6 system information security reaches
>     acceptable maturity and availability.
> Link direto para o draft:
> https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-chimiak-enhanced-ipv4/
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> Humberto Galiza
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