[GTER] RES: Novas regras para os Domínios

Danton Nunes danton.nunes at inexo.com.br
Wed Jan 11 18:30:32 -02 2012

On Wed, 11 Jan 2012, Ivan Carlos wrote:

> Existe algum domínio neutro devidamente documentado como exclusivo para 
> redes locais?

Reserved domains

RFC 2606 reserves the following four top-level domain names to avoid 
confusion and conflict.[8] They may be used for various specific purposes 
however, with the intention that these should not occur in production 
networks within the global domain name system:

     example: reserved for use in examples
     invalid: reserved for use in obviously invalid domain names
     localhost: reserved to avoid conflict with the traditional use of
 	localhost as a hostname
     test: reserved for use in tests

Pelo jeito não há um nome específico para uso de redes internas. Eu tenho 
visto usar o próprio domínio externo, mas em outra 'view'.

-- Danton

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