[GTER] Deep linking (era: We've found the perfect solution to spam)

Omar Kaminski omark at bsi.com.br
Thu Jul 10 00:50:07 -03 2003

"A normal hypertext link does not necessarily imply that one document
endorses the other; or that one document is created by the same person as
the other, or that one document is to be considered part of another." (Tim
Berners-Lee, 1997)

"What about deep linking? What about it? I guess I don't understand why
everyone is so concerned about it. It's an inherent part of the Web, in the
same way that nouns and verbs are essential parts of speech. If you don't
want people linking to or accessing certain content on your Web site, you
can implement whatever rules you want to in the design or configuration of
your site. But if you put content in a public place with its own published
address, it's pointless to pretend that the address is a secret, and you
shouldn't expect the legal system to enforce that ridiculous notion. The
same applies to 'non deep' linking. What really surprised me when I started
my 'Don't Link to Us' site was how many companies insist that other sites
ask permission before creating any links to them at all, not just deep links
to specific pages." (David E. Sorkin)

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> > Sugiro a leitura atenta da matéria original:
> > http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/55/31638.html
> Pensei em dar um creditozinho ao Zone-H, afinal, foi lá que eu vi a
> Mas devia era ter clicado no link no final, que me levaria ao mesmo texto
> site da Help Net Security, que finalmente me levaria ao texto maior e
> original, em The Register. E dá-lhe deep-link! Da próxima, o Zone-H fica
> crédito :-)

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