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>A simples inclusão não autorizada já é spam. Por acaso a Riverstone acredita
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No caso desta newsletter da riverstone - se não me engano - nem tem a 
ladainha. Não tem instrução de descadastramento. Estou reproduzindo um 
danado, que estava no meu lixão. PODEM CONFERIR ABAIXO.

Além disso, se você pode para descadastrar eles usam isso para CONFIRMAR 
que seu endereço está vivo. O teste verdadeiro é escrever para abuse em .... . 
Se não tiver resposta, é porque é impossível descadastrar


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Table of Contents - November 2002

de España Selects Riverstone's Solution 
KT Deploys Riverstone for New Buildout 
10170: Layer 3 Aggregation Switch 
Communications Selects Riverstone Large Rollout of Advanced Network 
Monitoring and Security 
to Contact

Telefónica de España Selects Riverstone's Carrier-Class Solutions for 
Spain's Largest Broadband Deployment

Riverstone Networks has announced that Telefónica de España, S.A.U., 
Spain's incumbent provider and a subsidiary of the world's fourth largest 
telecommunications company Telefónica, will deploy Riverstone's RS family 
of routers as part of Spain's largest broadband network rollout. The 
nationwide deployment, known as eBA, or e-Broadband Access, will deliver 
advanced Ethernet services to Telefónica de España's largest enterprise 
customers throughout Spain.

Telefónica de España will deploy Riverstone's RS 38000 and RS 8600 metro 
routers to create and deliver premium services to its business customers, 
including bandwidth guarantees, fast recovery times, customized backup 
resources, and advanced multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)-based 
services. Telefónica de España carefully evaluated a range of solutions and 
determined that Riverstone's technology best enabled the broadband services 
that their customers require to compete in a global economy.

for complete story.

Korea's KT Deploys Riverstone for New Buildout of Nation's Largest 
Broadband Services Network

KT, the world's largest broadband services provider, has selected 
Riverstone's RS family of metro routers for the third phase of its Ntopia 
project, which connects more than 5 million subscribers over Korea's 
largest broadband metropolitan network.

KT selected Riverstone's RS 8600 routers to deliver advanced Ethernet-based 
services, such as e-learning, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive 
multimedia applications, in one, five and 10 Mbps increments to residents 
throughout South Korea. One of the most highly deployed metro router 
platforms in the world, the RS 8600 combines powerful service creation 
capabilities with a full range of advanced metropolitan networking 
technologies to enable the delivery of such services as multi-protocol 
label switching (MPLS) virtual private networks (VPNs), bandwidth 
provisioning, and tiered bandwidth services.

"Riverstone continues to dominate the Korean telecommunications market with 
deployments in nearly every major carrier network, many of which are among 
the most technologically advanced networks in the world," said Marian 
Stasney, managing partner at Telecom Inquiry Solutions. "As these carriers 
move from initial network build outs to advanced service deployments, it is 
a testament of Riverstone's technological prowess that carriers such as KT, 
PowerComm and Hanaro are again choosing Riverstone solutions."

for complete story.

ES 10170: Layer 3 Aggregation Switch

The ES 10170 is a new generation of Ethernet aggregation Layer-3 switch 
designed for wiring closets and Carrier data centers. The ES 10170 can 
deliver 448 Fast Ethernet and 4 Gigabit Ethernet or 60 Gigabit Ethernet 
ports at wire-speed in a modular chassis occupying only 5 rack units. This 
high port density helps save rack space and can decrease operational 
complexity by reducing the number of deployed network elements. The modular 
chassis is designed for growth - the ES 10170 can be deployed with as few 
as 64 Fast Ethernet and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and is expandable up to 
448 Fast Ethernet ports or 60 Gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition, the ES 
10170 allows network capacity to scale further by supporting 8 Gigabit 
trunked links over CWDM optical fiber connections.

The ES 10170 features full-function hardware-based switching & routing 
capabilities. It also has an unmatched range of features such as packet 
filtering, rate limiting, prioritization and accounting which combine to 
give pinpoint bandwidth control and monitoring. In addition, a full suite 
of server load balancing features allows the ES 10170 to provide the 
switching engine for web and e-commerce server farms. Equipped with the 
same reliability and redundancy features normally found in a carrier-class 
network, the ES 10170 is ideally suited for the most demanding points in a 
business's mission-critical network.

for complete product specifications.

Surewest Communications Selects Riverstone Large Rollout of Advanced Metro 

SureWest Communications, one of the largest independent telephone companies 
in the U.S., has deployed Riverstone's family of RS metro routers to 
deliver advanced Ethernet services across geographically separate networks. 
SureWest's EtherMAN, an Ethernet-based network directed at businesses and 
government offices throughout Sacramento, Calif., provides tiered 
bandwidth, virtual private networks (VPNs) and virtual private LANs to 
small, medium and large businesses.

"Our customers required a service that would give them greater control over 
their bandwidth usage and enable them to seamlessly extend their networks 
across geographic regions," said Bill DeMuth, vice president and chief 
technology officer of SureWest Communications. "To develop that service, we 
needed a scalable solution that not only leveraged our network but also 
provided a future migration path for the delivery of additional services, 
such as MPLS VPNs. As an industry leader in metro Ethernet, Riverstone 
understood our needs and provided us with the reliable infrastructure and 
services to make our EtherMAN service a success."

Riverstone's RS 38000, RS 8000, RS 3000, and RS 1000 routers have been 
deployed in SureWest's network from the metro core to the access edge and 
provide the flexibility to manage growing customer bandwidth requirements 
and service needs without a network overhaul. This end-to-end metro 
Ethernet solution enables SureWest's customers to transparently extend 
their LAN applications without the added complexity of traditional 
non-Ethernet connections while enabling SureWest to increase network 
operating efficiencies.

for complete details.

Network Monitoring and Security

Recent events have shown that the old adage "What you don't see can't hurt 
you" is not necessarily true. As with many things in life, this applies to 
networking as well. Not seeing port scans run against your network does not 
mean they are not happening. With the specter of cyber terrorism looming 
over ongoing defense network build outs, it is more important than ever to 
weigh the network monitoring and security capabilities of the routers used 
to build networks.

Active monitoring and analysis of network traffic is the only way to 
intelligently set network policies, ensuring that mission critical data is 
unimpeded while lower priority traffic is throttled back. These types of 
approaches are necessary to prevent degradation or denial of service, 
either from external attack or inadvertent internal cause.

for complete story.

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