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Excelente thread..Reforca a minha teoria e de outros (vc, Claus, etc).

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>Tem um thread na lista NANOG questionando o destino da receita das
>inscricoes. Algumas ideias ja foram discutidas na nossa lista. Abaixo
>ha alguns trechos.
>> >We used to pay $150 or so to attend NANOG conferences.
>> > Why are we charged $300 now?  Where is our $150,000+
>> >going?
>> To be perfectly honest, I'm more than happy with the cost of the
>> NANOG  conference.
>> I get probably 2 or 3 invitations to "conferences" every week
>> through the  post, and they're all the equivalent of $2000 upwards
>> for a 1 or 2 day  conference. And these conferences are more a
>> marketting hype, so will be  *heavily* sponsored by the companies
>> who present at them.
>> So, $300 for a 3 day conference, where it's stuff that's actually
>> relevant  and useful to my job, and isn't just a marketting
>> exercise by the vendors  who spam me with plenty of material
>> anyway, is, in my view, good value for  money.
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>> Also, you must realize that not everyone gets hit with the $300
>> charge.   Hosts and presenters get free admission, and students get
>> a greatly reduced  fee.
>> As other people say, this is probably the best value for your money
>> of  anything else.  You get to hear what is going on, you get to
>> put faces to  names (and voices), and you get to talk shop with
>> others in your field  without all the "business" people around
>> saying what you can and can't say.  
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>> It all depends on your financial status. I can think of quite a few
>> very competent "industry" people who have been unable to attend the
>> recent nanogs due to their companies either having gone under or
>> being in the process of going under.
>> But then again, there are already too many people who don't belong
>> at a NANOG showing up and crowding the rooms because they didn't
>> know what to expect. Keeping the costs slightly high does help both
>> companies and individuals consider carefully if they really care
>> about all the geekiness that goes on there, or if they are better
>> off pursuing their "CCNA to be"   careers through some other means.
>> Not being elitist, just being realistic  on what some people expect
>> to get out of going to the conferences. This  isn't Defcon after
>> all. :)
>> So while I agree that it probably doesn't cost more then a few
>> peoples time for a few weeks, and the money is probably going to
>> fund other Merit  activities, I'm not certain that I'd want the
>> prices dropped much lower.  Unless of course, they'd like to give
>> discounts for people who have  attended many past NANOGs are who
>> are now unemployeed. :)
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>> > Unless of course, they'd like to give discounts for people who
>> > have  attended many past NANOGs are who are now unemployeed. :)
>> Unfortunately discounts just aren't feasible - there'd be
>> administrative problems and questions of fairness to other
>> attendees (and to Merit, since our per-attendee costs wouldn't
>> change.) Plus, we're not sure it would solve the problem,
>> considering everyone's high travel and hotel costs.  
>> There's always multicast and RealAudio ...
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