Gelson Dias Santos gelson.santos at metaverse.com.br
Wed May 10 20:06:27 BRT 2006

    A explicação está nos primeiros parágrafos:

The following documents  (RFC 4405, RFC 4406, RFC 4407, and RFC 4408)
   are published simultaneously as Experimental RFCs, although there is
   no general technical consensus and efforts to reconcile the two
   approaches have failed.  As such, these documents have not received
   full IETF review and are published "AS-IS" to document the different
   approaches as they were considered in the MARID working group.

   The IESG takes no position about which approach is to be preferred
   and cautions the reader that there are serious open issues for each
   approach and concerns about using them in tandem.  The IESG believes
   that documenting the different approaches does less harm than not
   documenting them.

Marcus Alves Grando escreveu:
> Pessoal,
> Recebi um email sobre essa RFC hoje e estou repassando pra vocês. Só não
> entendi porque publicaram como Experimental e se vão levar pra frente
> isso. Alguem com conhecimentos sobre esses processos tem alguma opinião?
> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4408.txt
> Abraços

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