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Sobre o review em http://software.newsforge.com/software/05/04/27/186203.shtml?tid=152&tid=130

Alguem sabe explicar melhos os features de Cloning e Team? Fiquei com duvidas ainda.

The cloning feature allows you to do two things: access shared virtual machines on a shared drive, so that multiple clients can access them; and make a complete local copy of that VM if you need to make special modifications to it. The virtual machine file size has been greatly reduced in Workstation 5.0, which frees up network bandwidth and hard drive space. That makes sharing VMs less costly in terms of system resources, hardware and infrastructure requirements, and time.
VMware's teams feature allows you to connect multiple VMs into one environment. It's like being a sysadmin of a virtual network or lab, allocating bandwidth and resources for each team VM, and having the ability to power them on and off and make any other necessary changes. You get a common control interface for each team to more easily manage them.

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