[MASOCH-L] Fwd: [dspam-users] RABL Now LIVE!

Thiago Damas tdamas at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 16:24:25 BRT 2005

  Uma dica para quem usa DSPAM ou simplesmente quer adicionar mais um
servidor DNSBL na seu MTA.

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From: Jonathan Zdziarski <jonathan at nuclearelephant.com>
Date: 01/08/2005 21:46
Subject: [dspam-users] RABL Now LIVE!
To: dspam-users at lists.nuclearelephant.com
Cc: dspam-dev at lists.nuclearelephant.com

The world's first fully machine-automated statistical blackhole list
(yes, we existed before the WPBL) is now live. The Reactive
Autonomous Blackhole List (RABL, or "rabble") is a statistically
automated list designed to measure spam and virii based on network
penetration (how widespread a particular sender ip has affected
networks across the world). At the moment, there are only a few
writer accounts on the system, so the catch rate is minimal, but I
hope to have many more getting on board in the coming weeks. Please
check it out at http://rabl.nuclearelephant.com. DSPAM integrates
into the RABL both reading and writing, so it will be very simple to
get on board. Just contact me if you're interested in a write
account. My only requirement at the moment is that I have to know you
(or someone who knows you) and can verify you're not a spammer.
larger systems would be ideal.


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