[GTER] BCP38 deployment in Brazil

Humberto Galiza humbertogaliza at gmail.com
Tue May 14 09:39:48 -03 2019

Hello Matthew,

Perhaps a valid argument is: given the proliferation of (D)DoS attacks
targetting small/medium Brazilian service providers (the vast
majority) they somehow realized they need to deploy 'something' to
avoid being the next day victim's :-)

Talking seriously now, I believe the main driver for BCP38 adoption in
Brazil were the reinforcements in initiatives of education/knowledge

I'm pretty sure there are (excellent) key ideas going on now in the
country, but among them, I couldn't fail to mention the creation of
Brasil Peering Forum (BPF) group last year. Since its beginning, BPF
has been actively working/producing PT-BR content. The ultimate goal
is to spread out the best practices to Brazilian network operators
(including obviously the MANRS and BCP38 adoption/deployment).

Besides trying to put some 'shred of light' in more advanced topics in
the networking area (routing, TE, etc.) the group published in a Wiki
[1] a set of BCPs mainly targeting small network operators (small ==
there are currently around 4500-5000+ active BR ASNs injecting 1-20
prefixes in the global BGP table). Perhaps here is key group
contribution to make the Internet a better place ;-)


[1] - https://wiki.brasilpeeringforum.org/w/Conteudos_Uteis#BCOPs

Humberto Galiza

On Tue, 14 May 2019 at 11:25, Matthew Luckie <mjl at caida.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if you can help me understand why it is that Brazil, as
> a country, seems to be active in deploying BCP38.  When I look at the
> monthly reports that CAIDA's Spoofer Project sends to GTER, there are
> often 5-6 networks that have deployed BCP38 in the past month.  This
> is more than in other countries / regions.
> e.g.:
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2019-May/076660.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2019-April/076517.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2019-March/076311.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2019-February/076145.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2019-January/075927.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2018-December/075773.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2018-November/075593.html
> https://eng.registro.br/pipermail/gter/2018-October/075356.html
> You can also see the effect in https://spoofer.caida.org/remedy.php
> where 112 of the 526 (21%) of the inferred remediations were in
> Brazil.
> Is the Internet Society's MANRS effort having an effect, or is
> something else local in Brazil encouraging deployment of BCP38?
> Thanks,
> Matthew--
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