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para que ele precisa de um print de sua tabela de rotas? rs.... estranho

2013/12/20 Humberto Filho <humbertoxxt at gmail.com>

> Alguem mais recebeu o e-mail abaixo?
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> From: <alessandro.improta at iit.cnr.it>
> Date: 2013/12/20
> Subject: Routing information on AS52683
> To: humbertoxxt at gmail.com
> Dear Humberto Carlos Bandeira Costa Filho,
>     I'm Alessandro Improta and I'm a researcher at the Institute of
> Informatics and Telematics of Italian National Research Council (
> www.iit.cnr.it/en). I got your mail from Registro.br in the entry related
> to AS52683. I'm writing you because I hope you can help me in my research
> on BGP. Currently, I'm working on the analysis of the completeness of the
> Internet AS-level topology as inferred from BGP route collectors (e.g.
> RouteViews or RIPE RIS). In particular, my research group developed an
> algorithm to discover which is the optimal set of ASes that should feed the
> BGP route collectors in order to maximize the coverage of the global
> Internet infrastructure.
> We are writing a research paper about that for the top technical journal in
> our area (IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking), but we need a validation of
> our findings. We found that AS52683 belongs to the optimal set and is
> ranked among the top-100 ASes that would bring the largest information
> benefits to the route collector projects. This is the reason why we are
> contacting you. Could you please provide us a snapshot of the Internet full
> routing table of one of your BGP routers to let us to quantify these
> benefits? This information will not be disclosed to anyone, but only used
> to quantify the amount of connections discovered thanks to your AS. We are
> available to sign any non-disclosure agreement if needed. If you would like
> to help, we would be more than happy to mention your contribution in the
> paper acknowledgments. If you would like to know more about our researches,
> you can find our research papers at www.isolario.it.
> I hope you can help us,
> Best regards,
> Alessandro Improta, Ph.D.
> Post-doc researcher at IIT-CNR
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> Grato,
> Humberto Filho
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Rafael Galdino

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