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From: <alessandro.improta at iit.cnr.it>
Date: 2013/12/20
Subject: Routing information on AS52683
To: humbertoxxt at gmail.com

Dear Humberto Carlos Bandeira Costa Filho,
    I'm Alessandro Improta and I'm a researcher at the Institute of
Informatics and Telematics of Italian National Research Council (
www.iit.cnr.it/en). I got your mail from Registro.br in the entry related
to AS52683. I'm writing you because I hope you can help me in my research
on BGP. Currently, I'm working on the analysis of the completeness of the
Internet AS-level topology as inferred from BGP route collectors (e.g.
RouteViews or RIPE RIS). In particular, my research group developed an
algorithm to discover which is the optimal set of ASes that should feed the
BGP route collectors in order to maximize the coverage of the global
Internet infrastructure.

We are writing a research paper about that for the top technical journal in
our area (IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking), but we need a validation of
our findings. We found that AS52683 belongs to the optimal set and is
ranked among the top-100 ASes that would bring the largest information
benefits to the route collector projects. This is the reason why we are
contacting you. Could you please provide us a snapshot of the Internet full
routing table of one of your BGP routers to let us to quantify these
benefits? This information will not be disclosed to anyone, but only used
to quantify the amount of connections discovered thanks to your AS. We are
available to sign any non-disclosure agreement if needed. If you would like
to help, we would be more than happy to mention your contribution in the
paper acknowledgments. If you would like to know more about our researches,
you can find our research papers at www.isolario.it.

I hope you can help us,
Best regards,
Alessandro Improta, Ph.D.
Post-doc researcher at IIT-CNR


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