[GTER] Monitoramento de pps em um switch cisco

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Fri Jan 27 21:33:31 -02 2012

Algo como isso aqui?

Cisco Performance Monitor enables you to monitor the flow of packets in
your network and become aware of any issues that might impact the flow
before it starts to significantly impact the performance of the application
in question. Performance monitoring is especially important for video
traffic because high quality interactive video traffic is highly sensitive
to network issues. Even minor issues that may not affect other applications
can have dramatic effects on video quality.

Because Cisco Performance Monitor uses similar software components and
commands as Cisco NetFlow and Cisco Flexible NetFlow, familiarity with
these products will help you to understand how to configure Cisco
Performance Monitor. These products provide statistics on packets flowing
through a router and are the standard for acquiring IP operational data
from IP networks. They provide data to support network and security
monitoring, network planning, traffic analysis, and IP accounting.



Ricardo F. S

2012/1/27 Marc Cabadas <bac at oops.net.br>

> muito se fala que a capacidade de trafego de um switch ou roteador
> está diretamente ligada a sua capacidade de tráfego de pps (pacotes
> por segundo),
> porem eu nao vi em literatura uma forma de monitorar esse consumo
> total de um switch (em especial cisco) ,
> como devo proceder sem ter que sumarizar o trafego de todas as portas
> ? (idealmente em mrtg)
> Atenciosamente,
> Marc Cabadas
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