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    Dear Friends & Colleagues of IPv6 Community

Kind regards

I hope that 2012 will be a year for more uptakes of your future IPv6 plans
as IPv6 has huge socio & economical impacts. Let me cordially share with
you the below link to download the IPv6 Materials of latest ITU workshop
held in Amman Dec. 2011., These slides covers information that is good for
new comers, deep-techies network engineers, policy makers & managerial
decision makers. The “IPv6 “hot topic needs to be addressed by all
countries diverse stakeholders’ (Gov., Academia, Industry, etc). IPv6 is *NO
* more an “if” but a matter of” how” & “when”. It’s time to raise the
“Awareness bar” for:

- Government: To setup plans, and / or review / accelerate the existing
ones, if any.

- Academia & NREN: To include IPV6 in the HE sector, Testbeds Setup, R & D,

- ISPs & Enterprises: To consider IPv6 upgrading plans for their
infrastructures to provide IPv6 services for their users

- Training & Regional-International Collaborations is a *MUST *component
for knowledge share& Best practices. ITU (International Telecommunications
Union) Platform http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/others/ipv6/Pages/default.aspx  is
a good example

The IPv6 journey practices starts with the successful model of establishing
IPv6 Task force that cares for IT assets: Inventory / Preparedness, IPv6
Address blocks, Labs setup, gradual deployments, etc.


*Sharing is caring: *Please feel free to disseminate the words to your
peers, interested parties, contacts & working environments.




Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi

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