[GTER] IETF e ITU definem padrões não-interoperáveis para MPLS OAM.

MARLON BORBA MBORBA at trf3.jus.br
Tue Mar 1 09:36:44 -03 2011



A situação é mesmo tão feia quanto a ISOC a descreve? Cito:

Russ Housley, IETF chair, commented; “The Internet we know today could not have come about without open, interoperable, global standards. After we have worked so long and so hard together to ensure that MPLS OAM products from all vendors around the world would be compatible with each other, I am surprised and disappointed by the action taken by the ITU-T today, which takes us off the path of global interoperability for this technology. The decision is all the more regrettable because the IETF is just completing work on the first major phase of extensions to MPLS OAM protocols for use in transport networks.”


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