[GTER] RFC5841 - TCP Option to Denote Packet Mood

Frederico A C Neves fneves at registro.br
Thu Apr 1 17:47:27 -03 2010

1.  Introduction

   In an attempt to anthropomorphize the bit streams on countless
   physical layer networks throughout the world, we propose a TCP option
   to express packet mood [DSM-IV].

   Packets cannot feel.  They are created for the purpose of moving data
   from one system to another.  However, it is clear that in specific
   situations some measure of emotion can be inferred or added.  For
   instance, a packet that is retransmitted to resend data for a packet
   for which no ACK was received could be described as an 'angry'
   packet, or a 'frustrated' packet (if it is not the first
   retransmission for instance).  So how can these kinds of feelings be
   conveyed in the packets themselves.  This can be addressed by adding
   TCP Options [RFC793] to the TCP header, using ASCII characters that
   encode commonly used "emoticons" to convey packet mood.


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