[GTER] Roteador no seu limite de uso?

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rubensk em gmail.com
Sexta Janeiro 16 10:20:25 BRST 2009

Pode ser uma tática de negociação... já foi divulgado uma vez que o
Google estaria construindo os próprios switches com portas 10GE, mas
parece mais é que eles fizeram um pedido de peças e informações na
Ásia para com essa notícia pressionar a Force10 a diminuir o preço
para eles.

Agora pode ter chegado a vez de Juniper de receber esse tratamento... :-)


2009/1/15 Wesley FreeBSD Consult <lista em freebsdconsult.com.br>:
> "There's a lot of truth in the old adage about getting something done
> right by doing it yourself -- but so too in the one that says it's
> easier to re-use than to re-build. Choosing the right option isn't
> easy, but if rumors currently swirling about Google turn out to be
> accurate it seems the company is leaning toward the former when it
> comes to its network routers. Big G currently relies on hardware from
> Juniper Networks but may be looking to develop something in-house to
> handle its copious quantities of bits. The company is issuing a firm
> "no comment," but the mere suggestion of Juniper's biggest client
> turning coat was enough to send its stock plummeting 5 percent."

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