[GTER] Procket Reaches "End of Life"

Alexandre L. Grojsgold algold at rnp.br
Tue Jul 20 23:14:39 -03 2004

>         3. Bias against MPLS VPNs and the refusal to implement them in
> the product. This is one that I never understood. I told you over and
> over we were gonna do this, and you flat refused. Never mind that large
> customers are deploying them NOW and MAKING MONEY off of them. Because
> you didn't think it was the "right" solution, you refused to even
> consider the strategic implications of not implementing them. Screw the
> customer, he's obviously an idiot for wanting to deploy something that
> makes him money.

Então ... isso me provoca ums certa simpatia pelo tal Li.


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