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Silvio Reis silvio at alfama.com.br
Mon Sep 15 22:10:02 -03 2003


	Na crypto-gram, newsletter mensal do Bruce Schneier, de setembro tem
uma boa discussão entre a diferença entre "safety" and "security", que
complementa bem o que foi discutido aqui em relação à proteção contra
desastres naturais e provocados.

	Trecho :

" Backup procedures are the same regardless of whether someone 
accidentally deleted a file or a worm deleted the file as part of its 

Defenses are largely the same: countermeasures to defend the systems, 
and reactive measures after the events.  Better isolation of individual 
power plants stops blackouts from spreading, regardless of the 
cause.  The rarity of blackouts, which led to inexperience in dealing 
with them, exacerbated the problem.  Disaster recovery works against 
both floods and bombs.  Securing the weakest link, defense in depth, 
compartmentalization -- all the techniques I talk about to improve 
security -- also help prevent accidents."

Link :  http://www.schneier.com/crypto-gram.html

Silvio Reis
silvio at alfama.com.br

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