[GTER] Fw: Domain Security: New Tool -- Secure Whois

Giordani Rodrigues giordani at infoguerra.com.br
Thu Nov 20 21:05:37 -02 2003

Já tem empresa nos EUA ganhando dinheiro em cima dos problemas de
privacidade relacionados aos bancos de dados whois.
Acabei de receber a mensagem abaixo (não se trata de spam, tenho cadastro na
DomainsNext). O serviço é interessante, mas talvez dificulte ainda mais o
controle de cadastros falsos. Frederico, esse tipo de serviço seria admitido
no Brasil pelo Registro.br?



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Subject: [personal] Domain Security: New Tool -- Secure Whois

ATTN: Domainsnext.com Customers

Domainsnext.com, in conjunction with SecureWhois, Inc. is proud to offer a
new service, SecureWhois. This service is designed specifically to protect
make private the public information that is listed on every domain name
If you are tired of having your private information being publicly exposed,
SecureWhois is for you. Currently, unscrupulous individuals can prey on you
harvesting your Whois information to harass, spam, or scam. Maybe you simply
not feel secure having your name, address, and phone number listed for
to see. SecureWhois addresses ALL of these issues and more. SecureWhois will
hide your contact information by using the following contact information as
a mask:

SecureWhois, Inc.
TWgcFXKXfvV at securewhois.com
904 S. Roselle Road # 136
Schaumburg, IL 60193

The new private email address will be randomly generated, and will forward
to the
email that is currently listed for the actual domain contacts. You will
receive all email that is sent to you, but the true email address will not

The cost for this service is just $7.95 per domain, per year. It is
available to
you during registration of a domain name, or for existing domains, the owner
purchase the SecureWhois service by logging into the Domain Manager. Visit
www.DomainsNext.com to see more information.

Thank you for being a valued customer of DomainsNext.com. Should you have
any questions please feel free to email us at Support at Domainsnext.com

The Domainsnext Team

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