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Dear Administrator,

AntiSpam UOL is a program that blocks indesejadas messages, eliminating
virus, not-authorized propaganda, chains and pornography of its post-office
box. It is based on lists of authorization for its box of entrance. But the
messages comings of e-mails (or domínios or lists) authorized for the
subscriber will be directed for the same one. The too much messages are
directed for the folder Forty days. While this, AntiSpam UOL verifies
through Tira-teima the shippers. To the end of this verification the
messages of people will be moved of the Forty days for its Box of entrance
while the automatic messages of spammers will be in the Forty days until
being eliminated. To get greaters information http://antispam.uol.com.br has
access the address.

Ficamos à disposição.


Alex Vilanova
Central de Relacionamento UOL
Fax: (11) 3350-1032
corporativo at uol.com.br

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