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A MS está usando o poder jurídico/monetário dela contra o SPAM.
Não se esqueçam que Gates estudou e não concluiu direito em Harvard.

Today's spam fighting cooperative between Microsoft and New York State brings together former enemies to fight a common ally. Remember that New York State attorney general Eliot Spitzer was one of the key players in the government's antitrust case against Microsoft. Be sure that Mr. Spitzer's office locked horns with Microsoft lawyers and executives many times during the course of the nearly five-year court case.

Microsoft and New York State filed lawsuits against Synergy6 and Scott Richter, among others. During a conference call this morning, Mr. Spitzer described Mr. Richter as the third largest spammer in the world, delivering 250 million spam e-mails per day. As part of a six-month investigation, Microsoft set up what Mr. Spitzer called "spam traps." During one month, Microsoft's spam traps received 8,000 spam mails containing, according to Mr. Spitzer, "40,000 false statements." New York State will seek $500 in damages for each false statement. Microsoft's lawsuits, filed in Washington State, seek more than $18 million in damages.

During the conference call, Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said the spammers used 514 compromised computers--at schools, hospitals and government ministries--to spread spam and hide its origin. 

Cooperating with governments against spam is smart business and good policy. There, Microsoft and governments face a common enemy: The torrent of spam that clogs the e-mail arteries. Still, not all so-called junk mail is spam.

The challenge going forward--for Microsoft, other businesses and regulators--will be developing definitions that separate legitimate marketing e-mail from spam. Today's lawsuits target fraudulent spam, which Microsoft and New York State defined as e-mail using deceptive tactics and language. 

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