[GTER] Yahoo Instant Messenger YAUTO.DLL buffer overflow

Fabiano fabiano.br at uol.com.br
Thu Dec 4 20:56:19 -02 2003





  Yahoo Instant Messenger YAUTO.DLL buffer overflow

  PROGRAM: Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM)
  HOMEPAGE: http://messenger.yahoo.com


  YIM is one of the most popular instant messenger. This is a cool product,
  that allows me to chat with my gf from a very long distant :-).


  YAUTO.DLL is an ActiveX/COM component that comes with Yahoo
  Install Messenger. YAUTO.DLL is registered under a ProgID called
  "YAuto.NSAuto.1". In this component, there is a function named
  Open(String Url) that will cause a buffer overflow if argument Url is
  a long string. Since this is an ActiveX component, the vulnerability can
  be exploited just by making a website with the correct CLSID of
  the ActiveX and call the function directly. We have successfully exploited
  the vulnerability by making a website that can download a trojan and
  execute it silently.


  Yahoo has been contacted at enterprisesales at yahoo-inc.com (this
  is the only email that I can find on the Yahoo Messenger Site) but
  doesn't response after 1 month. The workaround solution is deleting
  the YAUTO.DLL file in your YIM directory.


  Discovered by Tri Huynh from SentryUnion


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