[GTER] MPLS: King for a Day?

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rubens at email.com
Mon Aug 12 16:08:01 -03 2002

Artigo sobre uma alternativa ao MPLS(apesar do artigo não mencionar, eu
adianto que é uma alternativa ao MPLS-Traffic Engineering, e não a VPNs
L2/L3)... Ótima leitura tanto para devotos quanto para agnósticos. 


MPLS: King for a Day?

"Some fundamental questions concerning the future of Multiprotocol Label
Switching (MPLS) in large-scale telecom networks are being raised by a
project in Germany run by Siemens AG (NYSE: SI - message board;
Frankfurt: SIE) and a bunch of technical institutes and universities.

The project, called “KING” after the German for “components for
next-generation Internet,” aims to demonstrate that connectionless
protocols like Internet Protocol (IP) offer the best chance of giving
carriers the three things they really care about on very large networks:
control over quality of service, control over network reliability, and
automation of network management.

The implication of this project is that MPLS can't cut it on these
issues because it relies on setting up virtual connections across
networks -- in the same way as frame relay and Asynchronous Transfer
Mode (ATM) do. As the number of virtual connections increases, the task
of keeping control of everything gets tougher and tougher.

MPLS "is something like ATM in a different color," says Karl Schrodis,
head of technical planning for the KING project."


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