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Seg Out 4 14:33:19 -03 2021

Em seg., 4 de out. de 2021 às 12:49, Osni Silva <listas em brasconect.com.br>

> Caiu para mais alguém?

Update 1440 UTC:

As many of you know, DNS for FB services has been affected and this is
likely a symptom of the actual issue, and that's that BGP peering with
Facebook peering routers has gone down, very likely due to a configuration
change that went into effect shortly before the outages happened (started
roughly 1540 UTC).

There are people now trying to gain access to the peering routers to
implement fixes, but the people with physical access is separate from the
people with knowledge of how to actually authenticate to the systems and
people who know what to *actually do*, so there is now a logistical
challenge with getting all that knowledge unified.

Part of this is also due to lower staffing in data centers due to pandemic

Post de suposto sysadmin do FB no Reddit...

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