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Segunda Julho 21 20:46:31 BRT 2014

Caros colegas,

O prazo para a submissão de trabalhos ao WSDIF 2014 foi estendido até o dia
28/07/2014. Solicitamos apoio na divulgação.

Mateus Santos

First Workshop on Software-Defined Internets of the Future - WSDIF 2014

Co-located with the 11th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad
hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS) 2014 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -
October 28 - 30, 2014.

Call For Papers

Some of the challenges future internets will face, i.e., scale and
complexity, are a direct result of the enormous success of their
predecessor, the Internet. Most of the "action" fueling these
challenges has been taking place at the network "edges" driven by an
ever increasing use of "smart" mobile devices (e.g., smart phones,
tablets, etc.) and ubiquitous access to the communication
infrastructure (especially through wireless communication). Another
major driving force behind this "evolutionary step" towards future
internets is the development and deployment of increasingly
sophisticated network applications ranging from cloud-based services,
"smart" spaces (e.g., smart home, smart buildings, smart neighborhoods
and grids, etc), health care delivery, law enforcement and emergency
services, as well as the so-called Internet of Things - IoTs.

The growing need to facilitate networks, in particular, the Internet,
to evolve, motivated the emergence of the Software-Defined Networking
(SDN) paradigm. The SDN paradigm has been proposed as a way to
facilitate and foster Internet evolution by enabling innovation
through network programmability. SDN's premise is to decouple the
network control- and data-planes and thus make deploying new network
services and protocols viable. However, SDN techniques to-date have
mostly targeted "managed networks". As such, they do not address the
scale, heterogeneity and administrative decentralization of future
networked environments, in particular when considering internets
consisting of infrastructure–less based, self–organizing, and wireless
heterogeneous networks.

This timely workshop aims to present and discuss recent developments
in, and challenges raised by, programmable internets of the future. We
thus invite researchers and practitioners to submit original work in
the following topics. The workshop's goal is to provide a forum for
researchers and practitioners to introduce and discuss new ideas to
address issues such as control scalability and performance in
distributed environments; present proposals and deployment experiences
of new management software for distributed control (logically
centralized, physically distributed); describe new architectural
concepts and protocols for SDN-based inter-domain communication; offer
new insights on SDN applications to smart environments and Internet of


The WSDIF 2014 invites submissions of manuscripts that represent
significant, novel and unpublished research contributions.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

SDN architectures.
Distribution of control in SDN.
Security of SDN infrastructure and applications.
SDN in challenged and heterogeneous networks.
SDN in "user centric networks" - UCNs.
SDN-based location and mobility services.
Practical experiences in deployment of SDN-based technology and
applications in a distributed fashion.
Programmable networking approaches to address challenges in: mobile,
mesh, cellular, sensor and ad-hoc networks.
QoS in SDN-based solutions.
Protocols and algorithms for inter- and intra-domain control communication.
Evaluation tools, simulation tools, and testbeds.


All submissions should be written in English and are restricted to 6
pages (IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscripts style:
single-spaced, double-column pages using 10pt size fonts on 8.5 x 11
inch pages, with side-margin at least 1 inch, including all figures,
tables, and references). Authors can get up to 2 additional pages at
US$150 per page.

Link for submission

- http://edas.info/N18141

Important Dates

- Paper submission deadline: July 28, 2014  (EXTENDED).
- Paper acceptance notification: August 10, 2014.
- Camera ready manuscript submission: August 21, 2014.

Workshop Organization

- Bruno Nunes, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France,
- Katia Obraczka, UC Santa Cruz, katia[at]soe.ucsc.edu
- Thierry Turletti, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France, Thierry.Turletti[at]inria.fr

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