[MASOCH-L] RES: Postmaster Caixa Econômica

Danton Nunes danton.nunes at inexo.com.br
Wed May 6 10:58:00 BRT 2015

On Wed, 6 May 2015, Cleber @ Listas wrote:

> Também tenho curiosidade sobre isso! Na minha visão toda empresa com e-mail
> na Internet deveria ter uma pagina postmaster com as regras de recebimento e
> forma de contao.

bastaria que todo mundo seguisse a RFC-2142 de 1997 (ei, eu disse 1997!)


    This specification enumerates and describes Internet mail addresses
    (mailbox name @ host reference) to be used when contacting personnel
    at an organization.  Mailbox names are provided for both operations
    and business functions.  Additional mailbox names and aliases are not
    prohibited, but organizations which support email exchanges with the
    Internet are encouraged to support AT LEAST each mailbox name for
    which the associated function exists within the organization.

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