[MASOCH-L] RES: Remoçao do escopo SITE-LOCAL do ipv6. (RFC3879

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Muito obrigado! Justamente o que precisava.


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Veja o RFC 4193 - Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses


In 1995, RFC 1884 defined the block fec0::/10 as site-local addresses, that
could be used within a "site" for private IPv6 networks. However,
insufficient definition of the term site lead to confusion over the
resulting routing rules. RFC 3879 (September 2004) deprecated this address
range, and postulated solutions to its problems. In October 2005, RFC 4193
was published, reserving the address block fc00::/7 for use in private IPv6
networks. They are not routable in the global IPv6 Internet. They are
routable only within a private network or between a limited set of sites.



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