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Você pode tentar mudar a forma como o Linux lida com interrupções, mudando o
parâmetro "pci".

        pci=option[,option...]  [PCI] various PCI subsystem options:
                off             [IA-32] don't probe for the PCI bus
                bios            [IA-32] force use of PCI BIOS, don't access
                                the hardware directly. Use this if your machine
                                has a non-standard PCI host bridge.
                nobios          [IA-32] disallow use of PCI BIOS, only direct
                                hardware access methods are allowed. Use this
                                if you experience crashes upon bootup and you
                                suspect they are caused by the BIOS.
                conf1           [IA-32] Force use of PCI Configuration
                                Mechanism 1.
                conf2           [IA-32] Force use of PCI Configuration
                                Mechanism 2.
                nosort          [IA-32] Don't sort PCI devices according to
                                order given by the PCI BIOS. This sorting is
                                done to get a device order compatible with
                                older kernels.
                biosirq         [IA-32] Use PCI BIOS calls to get the interrupt
                                routing table. These calls are known to be buggy
                                on several machines and they hang the machine
                                when used, but on other computers it's the only
                                way to get the interrupt routing table. Try
                                this option if the kernel is unable to allocate
                                IRQs or discover secondary PCI buses on your
                rom             [IA-32] Assign address space to expansion ROMs.
                                Use with caution as certain devices share
                                address decoders between ROMs and other
                irqmask=0xMMMM  [IA-32] Set a bit mask of IRQs allowed to be
                                assigned automatically to PCI devices. You can
                                make the kernel exclude IRQs of your ISA cards
                                this way.
                pirqaddr=0xAAAAA        [IA-32] Specify the physical address
                                of the PIRQ table (normally generated
                                by the BIOS) if it is outside the
                                F0000h-100000h range.
                lastbus=N       [IA-32] Scan all buses thru bus #N. Can be
                                useful if the kernel is unable to find your
                                secondary buses and you want to tell it
                                explicitly which ones they are.
                assign-busses   [IA-32] Always assign all PCI bus
                                numbers ourselves, overriding
                                whatever the firmware may have done.
                usepirqmask     [IA-32] Honor the possible IRQ mask stored
                                in the BIOS $PIR table. This is needed on
                                some systems with broken BIOSes, notably
                                some HP Pavilion N5400 and Omnibook XE3
                                notebooks. This will have no effect if ACPI
                                IRQ routing is enabled.
                noacpi          [IA-32] Do not use ACPI for IRQ routing
                                or for PCI scanning.
                routeirq        Do IRQ routing for all PCI devices.
                                This is normally done in pci_enable_device(),
                                so this option is a temporary workaround
                                for broken drivers that don't call it.
                firmware        [ARM] Do not re-enumerate the bus but instead
                                just use the configuration from the
                                bootloader. This is currently used on
                                IXP2000 systems where the bus has to be
                                configured a certain way for adjunct CPUs.

Nessa página,
você encontra mais detalhes sobre os parâmetros do kermel.



Colar o resultado do comando dmesg também pode ajudar.

[ ] ´s


2008/1/16, Welisson <welisson at conectcor.com.br>:
> Boa tarde A todos da lista
> Gostaria de uma ajuda do pessoal aqui. Temos em nossa rede um servidor
> para autenticação dos Clientes, no entando esse vinha travando do nada em
> aproximadamente entre 20 30 dias, ele travava sem logar nada, no entando
> essa
> ultima vez que ele travou e ele gerou um erro na tela.
> Kernel Panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
> Caso prefiram o erro completo
> http://cerroazul.no-ip.info/14-01-08_1552.jpeg
> Em analise, parece algo em relação a rede. Mas foi realizados testes de
> Memoria com o memtest, teste de CPU e memoria com o stress, e teste de hd
> com
> o bonnie++, e nada de negativo retornou, todos os testes tiveram sucesso.
> Meu servidor
> P4 3.0 HT
> 1GB Ram DDR2
> Kernel
> Placas de REDE 3COM
> S.O Debian
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