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Oi Juliano,
Acho que isso depende de qual politica de gerenciamento de cache vc
está usando...

Dá uma olhadela na sua diretiva cache_replacement_policy

Retirado so site da visolve:

The cache replacement policy parameter decides which objects will remain in cache and which objects are evicted (replaced) to create space for the new objects.

    * LRU : Squid's original list based LRU policy
    * heap GDSF : Greedy-Dual Size Frequency
    * heap LFUDA : Least Frequently Used with Dynamic Aging
    * heap LRU : LRU policy implemented using a heap

This applies to any cache_dir lines listed below this.
The LRU policies keep recently referenced objects. i.e., it replaces the object that has not been accessed for the longest time.

The heap GDSF policy optimizes object-hit rate by keeping smaller popular objects in cache. So it has a better chance of getting a hit. It achieves a lower byte hit rate than LFUDA though, since it evicts larger (possibly popular) objects.

The heap LFUDA ( Least Frequently Used with Dynamic Aging ) policy keeps popular objects in cache regardless of their size and thus optimizes byte hit rate at the expense of hit rate since one large, popular object will prevent many smaller, slightly less popular objects from being cached.

Both policies utilize a dynamic aging mechanism that prevents cache pollution that can otherwise occur with frequency-based replacement policies.

For more information about the GDSF and LFUDA cache replacement policies see http://www.hpl.hp.com/techreports/1999/HPL-1999-69.html and http://fog.hpl.external.hp.com/techreports/98/HPL-98-173.html .
Default	cache_replacement_policy lru

cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA
To use this policy, Squid should be built with configure option --enable-removal-policies=heap or simply --enable-removal-policies.

If using the LFUDA replacement policy, the value of maximum_object_size should be increased above its default of 4096 KB to maximize the potential byte hit rate improvement of LFUDA. If needed to use other policies than default, squid should be built with configure option --enable-removal-policies.


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Talvez seja erro de interpretação, mas parece que meu squid não está 
fazendo cache
das páginas como deveria, no access.log noto sempre a mesma entrada:

[23/Feb/2006:14:49:32 -0300] "GET http://www.google.com.br/ HTTP/1.1" 

Do FAQ do squid:

The requested object was not in the cache.

Alguma sugestão ?

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