[MASOCH-L] MONET - acesso web redundante

Abelardo Barbosa Jr. skandor at gmail.com
Sat May 28 16:08:22 BRT 2005

Tirei o texto de outra lista que recebo, achei que poderia interessar.
We're pleased to announce the release of MONET, a Multi-Homed Overlay
Network web proxy, based upon Squid. MONET issues multiple requests
over multiple locally connected Internet links to provide highly
resilient Web access. Current deployments include a proxy at MIT that
is multi-homed to three networks, and various home proxies that help
load-balance between DSL and Cable modem links. MONET accesses
multiple paths from itself to a Web site in three ways:

- Multiple local Internet connections (multihoming w/out BGP...)
- Optionally using an overlay network of peer proxies
- Contacting multiple servers announced via the DNS

Our results suggest that MONET can increase the reliability of Web
access to major sites by a factor of about 8. (We can't help much if
the Web site you're trying to visit is behind a DSL line and is
slashdotted...). It's also a very nice way to load balance between
smaller links - I've been using it at home for a long time to do this,
and it works very well.

The code is labeled 0.1, which you should interpret as "grad-student
quality, but runs in production" -- it has many rough edges as far as
configuration goes, but the code itself has been in daily use by about
50 people for over two years now. Perhaps the major caveat is that to
run it on a machine that gets its IP addresses via DHCP requires some
supporting scripts. If you find yourself using it in that environment,
drop me a note and I'll share the hacked up scripts I've got.

Code, papers, etc.:



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