[MASOCH-L] Fw: The return of the spf-announce mailing list.

Antonio Carlos Pina apina at infolink.com.br
Thu May 5 22:57:43 BRT 2005

Pessoal, como esse papo rolou por aqui algumas vezes...
Está aí para vosso deleite.

ps: O cross é porque já vi dúvidas nas duas listas, sobre implementação em
uma e eficácia em outra ;-)


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>                   Sender Policy Framework (SPF) News
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>                         by Wayne, May 4, 2005
> Greetings!
> If you are receiving this email, it means that you have subscribed to
> the spf-announce mailing list.  Sadly, the last announcement was sent
> over a year ago, and I am mostly to blame for this.  I apologize.  We
> are attempting to restart this list, so expect least a couple of
> emails to be posted in the next week or so.
> If you are no longer interested in following the SPF email
> anti-forgery system, please use link at the bottom of the message to
> stop the emails.  If, for some reason, that doesn't work, feel free to
> email me.
> The past year has been very hectic.  Here is a list of some of the
> things that have happened:
> * SPF has been renamed from "Sender Permitted From" to "Sender Policy
>   Framework" to better reflect how SPF can be used to create policy
>   about how your domain is used.
> * The number of domains that have published SPF records has grown from
>   an estimated 60,000 a year ago, to over a million today.  (A factor
>   of 15.)
> * The number of email checked against SPF records is harder to
>   measure, but my best estimate is it has grown by a factor of 10.
> * Many new products use SPF, including SpamAssassin v3.0.
> * The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) created and then shut
>   down a Working Group with the task of tackling the problem of Email
>   Authentication.  SPF and several other proposals were considered,
>   but in the end none of them were adopted by the Working Group.
>   Instead there was an attempted merger between, SPF and another
>   proposal called Caller-ID, with many changes to both systems.  In
>   the end, technical problems with this merged standard, called
>   SenderID, caused the working group to be shut down.
> * A revised SPF standard is now nearly finished, after much work from
>   two editors (Mark Lentczner and myself), and hundreds of comments
>   and corrections from dozens of people.  The goal of this latest
>   draft is to standardize what SPF was like a year ago.  While SPF is
>   not perfect, you can't keep changing a standard and still have it be
>   useful.
> * In order to try and become more organized, the SPF community elected
>   a council to make decisions.  One thing that the council is trying
>   to do is to broaden the number of people who can help out with the
>   advancement of SPF.  This should make life a little less hectic for
>   some of us.
> -wayne
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