[GTER] Registro.br RPKI issues?

Job Snijders job at sobornost.net
Tue May 16 11:03:34 -03 2023


I see we were e-mailing each other at the same moment :-)

On Tue, May 16, 2023 at 10:48:25AM -0300, Frederico A C Neves wrote:
> > Thank you for investigating and transparently sharing your
> > uncertainty as to what happened. I too am a bit puzzled by the data.
> This was tracked down to a know issue that is being addressed on the
> next release of krill. https://github.com/NLnetLabs/krill/pull/1023
> It was triggered before a few weeks ago but unfortunately with a
> different symptom.

Is that the same issue as observed here?

> > 1/ perhaps an error can be raised (and send to the NIC.BR NOC) when the
> >    process (which writes out the RRDP XML) notices that multiple
> >    <publish> elements share the same value in the 'uri' attribute. While
> >    this alert might not pinpoint the root cause of the issue, monitoring
> >    for that error condition will give more insight as to when it
> >    happens.
> > 
> > 2/ Extended retention times for RRDP data. Debugging the RRDP data
> >    produced by NIC.BR is challenging because between an issue arising
> >    and people being paged to look at an issue there can be a multi hour
> >    delay. The NIC.BR deltas & snapshots seem to be deleted on an
> >    aggressive schedule: XML data is deleted within hours of the XML data
> >    being generated [example 1].
> > 
> > In context of suggestion (2) - I am cognizant that a standards-compliant
> > RRDP client would not run into any issue with the current deletion
> > schedule. I also understand storage & network resources have a cost. But
> > human debuggers aren't standards-compliant ;-)
> > 
> > My plea is that - if it is feasible - to retain deltas & snapshots for
> > 10 days. Ten days would be a great help in being able to exactly
> > reference what went wrong where (if and only if anything goes wrong).
> > For example, the URL [example 1] I referenced in my earlier email today
> > in this thread already has been garbage collected and no longer shows
> > useful data.
> We're investigating if this is possible with our current setup and the
> environment of thousands of child CAs. I'll follow up on this.

Thank you

Kind regards,


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