[GTER] 25,000 LIRs - An End to the Milestone Highs?

Ricardo Patara patara at registro.br
Thu Oct 3 14:04:03 -03 2019

RIPE chega a 25mil "LIRs"


Especificamente essa parte do artigo tenta explicar alguns picos de crescimento:

"The peak is at the fourth quarter of 2015, from which 40%, 287 out 723 LIRs, 
are no longer active. This is a direct effect of members opening multiple LIRs. 
When the two-year holding period on new allocations, required by the IPv4 
policy, expires, members can merge any additional LIRs with their primary LIR, 
or transfer the allocation to someone else and close the account."

Ricardo Patara

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