[GTER] Google Global Cache (AS36040) deployment at PTT SP

Evaldo Gardenal gardenal at google.com
Wed Nov 6 16:27:57 -03 2019

Dear members of PTT SP,

We now have a GGC deployment at PTT SP, presenting itself as AS36040. This
is in addition to existing Google AS15169 presence.

The new GGC deployment is located closer to the PTT infrastructure and is
dedicated to serve PTT traffic, offering faster download speeds and better
user experience.

You can read more about GGC and Peering with AS15169 at

I’m reaching out to request some cooperation for best use of deployed
resources, ensuring we can serve users with the best quality of service.

If you have a dedicated PNI with AS15169 and presence on the PTT SP:


   We are now correctly preferring dedicated peering (PNI) before using PTT
   SP paths, preserving shared PTT resources.

   In case you took measures to not advertise prefixes to AS36040, please
   consider removing the 65000:36040 BGP community at this time.

If you have a bilateral BGP session over PTT SP with AS15169, please ensure
advertisements to AS15169 and to the route server are consistent.


   If you are using BGP Communities for Indicating Preferred Ingress Point
   (15169:13000 to 15169:13300):

      Please consider removing them, so that our systems can manage traffic

      In case these communities are required, please advertise consistently
      to the bilateral session and to the route servers

      Reference: Section 2.4 of

   Prefix specificity and AS-Path length

      Please avoid advertising more specific prefixes or shorter AS-Paths
      to AS15169 bilateral session, so that AS36040 has equal ability to serve

If you only advertise prefixes to Google via the route server, no action is
required at this time.

Please feel free to contact ggc at google.com mentioning the reference
b143933498 in case of questions. Please note support is only offered in
English language.

Thank you

Evaldo Gardenal

Google Global Cache Program

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