[GTER] Network Atlas 2018 November update

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at akcin.net
Tue Nov 6 15:20:50 -02 2018

Hello GTER

We wanted to share several updates about our project Network Atlas with
you. First of all we are very excited to announce now our page has many
more features (and more to come) and hosted in a much more robust platform
at www.networkatlas.org

We've recently made a press release about our project ,

Now we are working on two major tracks

1) Raising funds via sponsorship and our kickstarter to be able to afford
future of developments.
2) Talking to engineers , network professionals to understand what would
make this tool better everyone.

As you might be already aware we have a slack channel you can join and
discuss/help the project. here is the slack channel link -

Overall we need network operators who have access to networks/fibre/route
information and operational status as we are developing our self service
portal which via GUI and API will enable you to be able to provide status
of global fibre optic cables, and receive updates the same way.

For more information about this project, and other ideas feel free to join
our slack or email me directly at mehmet at networkatlas.org

We will be in Sao Paulo Brasil for IX.BR meeting. If you can share KMZs in
Brasil with us, we would love to load them all in the project page before
that meeting and show! Thank you :)

Network Atlas

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