[GTER] AS 267286

Ricardo Patara patara at registro.br
Fri Apr 27 16:06:27 -03 2018

just a follow up

the tech guy from the as didn't find anything in his network and is
talking now with the upstream where the problem probably reside.

the blog in qrator.net says this ASN and IP block where allocated year
ago and that is not correct. It was about a month ago.

they are now starting to configure bgp with the upstream and that might
the cause of errors and that what they are investigating now.

despite previous pessimist comments in this list, we still can find
people willing to collaborate :-)


Em 27/04/2018 14:53, Ricardo Patara escreveu:
> hi job
>> Would anyone be in a position to try and call this ISP and help them
>> with whatever is going on? :-)
> i could reach them and we are talking to identify the problem.
> regards
>> Kind regards,
>> Job
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Ricardo Patara

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