[GTER] freeRouter

Tiago Arnold tiago at radaction.com.br
Tue Jan 5 07:15:17 -02 2016

2016-01-04 23:59 GMT+13:00 Eduardo Fontinelle - Gerencianet Pagamentos
<eduardo at gerencianet.com.br>:
> Então, permanece a dúvida: por que Java? rs
Perguntei para o desenvolvedor Máté Csaba e ele me respondeu agora:

[5/01/16, 21:45:02] mc36mc: it typesafe
[5/01/16, 21:45:13] mc36mc: it frees ram for me
[5/01/16, 21:45:24] mc36mc: it support generics
[5/01/16, 21:45:37] mc36mc: these were the key..
[5/01/16, 21:46:41] mc36mc: the most fun part was the latter..
[5/01/16, 21:47:33] mc36mc: i wrote a routing table class keeping in
mind that i want a multiprotocol router... so i used generics for
routetab class..
[5/01/16, 21:48:52] mc36mc: now i can route ipv4 ipv6 and ipx and
adding a new routed protocol is less than hundred of lines of code and
gets all the benefits i already have for lets say for ip...;)

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