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Já que o tema de sustentabilidade de IXPs como o IX.br (ex PTT.br) tem
estado em voga na lista, achei interessante comentar deste workshop que foi
aprovado para o próximo IGF (Internet Governance Forum):


O IGF é um evento global, mas por acaso a próxima edição ocorrerá em João
Pessoa - PB - Brasil.


Workshop Format. Please click here
a description of available Workshop Session Formats.


Duration of proposed workshop

90 minutes

IGF 2015 subtheme that this workshop falls under

Emerging Issues


Bandwidth management has been for sometime an evolving concern for the
Internet community around the globe. The rapid introduction of new Internet
applications and services as well as the rapid growth of Internet-connected
devices has created new challenges for the rational management of the
network. Internet Exchange Points - IXPs are a vital strategy for enhancing
the quality of Internet operation. One of the main advantages of an IXP is
the rationalization of costs, since traffic balances are solved locally and
directly between the participants not involving third-party networks often
physically distant. Another important advantage is better traffic delivery
management because data flows remain as closer as possible to their
destination, resulting in better performance and quality to end users.
Research carried out by CETIC.br has shown that the Brazilian IXP
initiative (PTTMetro) yields up to 30% of savings in transit purchases by
ISPs in the country. Despite the solid evidence and the well known benefits
of IXP projects, the challenge of efectively involving the Autonomous
Systems comunity, endangers the sustainability of the initiatives. The
workshop puts together organizations in charge of IXPs and Autonomous
Systems from all over the World to foster discussion on the challenges to
create sustainable Internet Exchange Point projects in developing nations.

Name, stakeholder group, and organizational affiliation of workshop
proposal co-organizer(s)

Cristian O'Flaherty
Civil Society

Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop


The link to the workshop report


Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#AutonomousSystem, #IXP, #InternetExchangePoint, #susteinability, #Internet

Description of the plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience
members and remote participants

Moderators will raise a list of questions related to the scope, the
strategies, and the the challenges inherent to the projects being
discussed.Each participant will have the floor for a specific time slot to
present his/her own project. There will be a cue in the audience and a cue
in the online environment used for enabling remote participation.
Moderators will curate a speakers list. Each speaker will have 2 minutes to
address the group whenever he/she wishes to. Moderators will present
questions made through the chat.

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of the
participants in the proposed workshop

Henrique Faulhaber
Private Sector
Calandra Solutions
Knowledge on Internet Economy

Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura
Techical Comunity
Knowledge on Internet technical issues

Eduardo Ascenço Reis
Techical Comunity
Knowledge on IXP Thecnical Issues

Christian O'Flaherty
Civil Society
Knowledge on IXP Best Pratices

Raphael Ho
Private Sector
Knowledge on IXP economic issues

Arnold Niper
Private Sector
Knowledge on IXP economic issues

John Souter
Private Sector
Knowledge on IXP economic issues

Otavio Viegas Caixeta
Ministry of Communication
Knowledge on Regulatory Issues

Ariel Graizer
Private Sector
NAP CAbase
Knowledge on IXP Economic Issues

Kyle Spencer
Private Sector
Knowledge on IXP Economic Issues

Name of in-person Moderator(s)

Eduardo Ascenço Reis

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Eduardo Ascenço Reis

Name of Rapporteur(s)

Nathalia Patrício - NIC.br

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

Use of CGI.br's Adobe Connect Platform

Background paper

*No background paper provided*

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