[GTER] Uso do ASN 65535

CTBC Telecom algartelecom at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 21:15:54 -02 2014

Alguns fornecedores começaram a implementar a RFC 7300, que não permite o
uso do ASN 65535 mais. Inclusive bloqueando a configuração do mesmo nos

Alguns PTT e redes privadas utilizam esse ASN e devem ficar atentos antes
de atualizar a versão do seu sistema operacional.

Please see below relevant information in the RFC in question (RFC7300)


   IANA has reserved the last Autonomous System Number (ASN), 65535, of
   the 16 bit autonomous system number range for over a decade with the
   intention that it not be used by network operators running BGP.
Operational Considerations

   Operators SHOULD NOT use these Last ASNs for any other purpose or as
   Private Use ASNs.  Operational use of these Last ASNs could have
   undesirable results.  For example; use of AS 65535 as if it were a
   Private Use ASN, may result in inadvertent use of BGP Well-known
   Community values, causing undesirable routing behavior.

   These last ASNs MUST NOT be advertised to the global Internet within
   AS_PATH or AS4_PATH attributes.  Operators SHOULD filter Last ASNs
   within the AS_PATH and AS4_PATH attributes.

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