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Assunto: [Membros-sp] Amazon AS 16509 IP: now peering at the PTT Metro in SP



Amazon would like to peer with networks on the PTT metro IX in SP.


We presently have an open peering policy.

Our information is:

AS:      16509


No MD5

Max Prefix at 100.

Additional site information at:



Please configure your side and emailpeering at amazon.com  <mailto:peering at amazon.com>  with the information and we will configure a session right away.


I will be attending the PTT metro forum next week in SP on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Please emailpacohen at amazon.com  <mailto:pacohen at amazon.com>  or call my cell phone +1 202-352-8889 if you would like to meet during that meeting.



Regards, Peter Cohen




Peter A. Cohen  Peering Managerpacohen at amazon.com  <mailto:pacohen at amazon.com>

13461 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 510

Herndon, VA 20171

Direct: +1 703 561 9711  cell:  +1 202-352-8889  petercohen66 aim/skype

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> Alguém tem o caminho das pedras para fechar sessão Bgp com a amazon ?
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