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I forwarded a message from my friend in Keio University.
related paper/presentation:
Thank you for a lot of contributions to the middlebox measurement that
I asked you in the autumn last year to run our measurement tool.
I'd like to report that we measured ~150 paths with your
collaboration, and figured out quite interesting middlebox behaviors
in the wild.
The results are published in the last Internet Measurement Conference:

We obviously should continue this work as success of the last measurement.
Based on feedback from many people and current proposals of new TCP
extensions, we added new tests, and improved experiment procedure.
So, I'd like to ask you again to run our measurement tool anywhere in
your networks, such as your home, WiFi hotspots, mobile, coffee shops
As the tests include new ones, re-testing the network you previously
measured is welcome.
(please check the box in the submission form for such places)

Our tool runs in Mac OSX, Linux and FreeBSD, and experiment will
finish approximately in 10-15 min.
The tool is self-contained; you don't need to install any additional

The procedures are (easier than the last version):
1.Download tool from
2.Execute the script
tar xzf for_distrib.tar.gz
cd for_distrib
sudo python run-all.py
3. Post the result (logxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz) from

Then you will see the summarized results for your network (e.g.,
Unknown TCP option is OK, segments are coalesced, etc)
Please see our official announcement page
http://web.sfc.wide.ad.jp/~micchie/middlebox/cfc.html for more details
of experiment.

Best regards,
- Michio
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