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From: Paul Jakma paul at jakma.org
Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 20:29:58 -0300
To: Quagga Users quagga-users at lists.quagga.net
Subject: [quagga-users 10663]  0.99.12 Announced


Quagga 0.99.12 has been released, and is in the usual place(s), e.g.:


This release fixes an urgent bug in bgpd where it could hit an assert 
if it received a long AS_PATH with a 4-byte ASN.

A quick summary of other changes is below, see the full changelog for 
more details.

     Fix bgp ipv4/ipv6 accept handling
     [bgpd] AS4 bugfix by Chris Caputo <ccaputo at alt.net>
     [bgpd] Add 'show bgp views' command
     [bgpd] Allow accepted peers to progress even if realpeer is in Connect

     [lib] Move type cast in Fletcher checksum
     [lib] Switch Fletcher checksum back to old ospfd version
     Justified OSPF cost function names and added support for:
      ospf cost <1-65535> A.B.C.D
      no ospf cost <1-65535>

     [lib] Fix timer precision.
     [lib] fix missing sockunion_normalise_mapped

     [vtysh] Add commands from zebra_routemap.c to vtysh

     [build] tools/multiple-bgpd.sh should be in 'make dist'

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