[GTER] ISOC: Securing the DNS: Leading the next step towards a more secure Internet

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Na próxima terça (28/Jul) ocorrerá o painel "Securing the DNS: Leading
the next step towards a more secure Internet" promovido pelo Internet
Society (ISOC) e com transmissão de audio ao vivo.

O horário é meio ingrato, mas vale o convite para os madrugadores:
6:45am - 7:45am (UTC- 3)

A gravação o audio deverá ser disponibilizada futuramente na página do evento.



Securing the DNS: Leading the next step towards a more secure Internet
Held during IETF 75, Stockholm, Sweden

    * 11:45am - 12:45pm (UTC+2), Tuesday 28 July
      Light lunch provided; registration is free

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the critical operational
elements of the Internet, creating a “human environment” that allows
names to be mapped to host addresses across the Internet. But the DNS
was established with no inherent security  mechanisms, making it
vulnerable to certain malicious activities, such as DNS spoofing,
where attackers make false assertions about DNS data in order to
misdirect traffic to unwanted sites.

Efforts are underway on several fronts, developing better Internet
security technologies and practices through open standards development
and the collaborative work of developers, operators, and industry. One
key effort is DNSSEC (short for DNS Security Extensions) – a set of
open standards developed to authenticate DNS data using public key
infrastructure to digitally sign DNS records, providing a high level
of security to core transactions. It does not solve all online
security issues, but it is an important step towards a more secure
online experience.

Leaders from across the Internet community are actively engaged in
work to drive the broad deployment of DNSSEC and other standards for
continuous improvements in Internet security.

In this session – designed to make these issues accessible to a
broader audience – the Internet Society’s Leslie Daigle will lead a
distinguished panel of some of the world’s leading developers,
administrators, and operators of Internet infrastructure. What are
their experiences? What problems have they overcome? And what do they
see as the next steps towards a more robustly secure Internet?
On the panel

The panel will feature:

    * Patrick Wallström
      .SE – the Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) operator for
Sweden, one of the first to deploy DNSSEC.
    * Richard Lamb
      ICANN – the non-profit corporation overseeing many vital aspects
of Internet technical administration, including the Root DNS zone.
    * Olaf Kolkman
      Internet Architecture Board (IAB) – the committee which oversees
the technical and engineering development of the Internet, and a key
organ of Internet standards development within the Internet
Engineering Task Force.
    * Leslie Daigle
      The Internet Society – a nonprofit organisation providing
leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy.
    * Jim Galvin
      Public Interest Registry – the operators of the .ORG Registry
which recently deployed DNSSEC and signed the .org domain.
    * Matt Larson
      Verisign – one of the world’s leading providers of network
infrastructure services, including two of the root name servers and
digital certification.


Eduardo Ascenço Reis

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