[GTER] Novo caso de anúncios AS-PATH incorretos

MARLON BORBA MBORBA at trf3.jus.br
Tue Feb 17 17:32:05 -03 2009


"The Details

SuproNet (AS 47868) normally announces a single prefix,, to a single provider, CD-Telematika (AS 25512). On
February 16th at 16:23:30 UTC, we saw this same prefix via a different
provider, Sloane Park Property Trust (AS 29113), but with an AS path
exceeding 255 ASNs. Such messages continued for almost exactly one hour
or until 17:23:00 UTC. We observed Level 3 (AS 3356), Tiscali (AS 3257)
and TeliaSonera (AS 1299) propagating most of these routes globally,
with a total of 230 unique ASes ultimately sending us the problematic

255 ASNs!?



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