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Eduardo Ascenço Reis eduardo em intron.com.br
Sexta Novembro 7 11:27:40 BRST 2008


Em relação a apresentação de hoje do Igor, segue referência de
discussão na NANOG e o draft indicado:





Eduardo Ascenço Reis

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From: David Freedman <david.freedman em uk.clara.net>
Date: 2008/11/7
Subject: Re: MPLS for IPv6
To: nanog em nanog.org

Well, don't know about anybody else, but I've been asking vendors for
LDP6 for a while now, every time we approach them for new projects and
they always look embarrassed when they realise that they

a. don't have it

b. are not involved in the standards process (draft-manral-mpls-ldp-ipv6-02)

So please, if you are spending your hard earned cash, please ask for an
LDP6 implementation, "no demand" should not be the case.


Daniel Roesen wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 02:53:46PM -0600, devang patel wrote:
>> Does any vendor support the MPLS for native IPv6 network?
> Unfortunately noone of the major vendors have yet implemented MPLS
> control plane via IPv6 transport. From my understanding, the protocol
> specs are there, just no implementation.
> So for now, you still have to use IPv4 for the MPLS network control
> plane and must either forward IPv6 natively dual-stack alongside IPv4,
> or transport IPv6 via 6(V)PE.
> "no customer demand", as usual. It's just us weirdos trying to do such
> things. :)
> Best regards,
> Daniel

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