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  NANOG and ARIN have been been unique and successful cooperative fora for
  Internet builders in North America and other parts of the world.  Senior
  practitioners from around the world contribute their time to NANOG and
  ARIN as presenters, teachers and trainers, to produce consistent
  non-commercial conferences of high-quality.

  Since 2007, the generosity of an anonymous donor and the administration
  of the Internet Society, have allowed NANOG and ARIN to provide
  financial support to a person from a developing country to participate
  in the October joint NANOG/ARIN meeting.

  The Postel Network Operator's Scholarship Committee cordially invite
  suitable applicants to apply for fellowship funding to participate in
  the October 2008 joint NANOG/ARIN meeting.

  Target Audience

  The Postel Network Operator's Scholarship targets personnel from
  developing countries who are actively involved in Internet development,
  in any of the following roles:

  * Engineers (Network Builders)
  * Operational and Infrastructure Support Personnel
  * Educators, Teachers, and Trainers

  Award Package

  Successful applicants will be provided with transportation to and from
  the meetings and a reasonable (local host standard) allowance for food
  and accommodation. In addition all fees for participation in the
  conferences, tutorials, and social events will be waived.  The final
  grant size is determined according to final costs and available funding,
  and will be advised to successful applicants.

  Criteria for Selection

  The Postel Network Operator's Scholarship Committee will select the
  fellow according to following criteria.

  * Membership in the Target Audience listed above
  * Residency in a developing country
  * Demonstrated ability to utilize the experiences gained from
    NANOG/ARIN within their country, region, ...
  * Evaluation of an abstract of a presentation to be given at
    the meeting.

  Applicants from any part of the world will be considered.

  Fellowship Selection Committee

  The Fellowship Section Committee is a joint activity of the Steering
  Committee of NANOG and the Board of Trustees of ARIN.

  Application for Fellowships

  The deadline for application is 1 June 2008, and the awardee will be
  informed by 1 July 2008.

  To apply for the fellowship please read
  <http://www.nanog.org/postel-scholarship.html> and submit your
  application via email to <PostelNOS at nanog.org>.

  Please be sure to include an abstract, and even possibly some slides,
  from the presentation you would give at the meetings.

  Thank you.

  randy, for the Fellowship Section Committee

Raniery Pontes

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