[GTER] ntp survey

Antonio M. Moreiras moreiras at nic.br
Mon Dec 1 14:30:15 -02 2008

Aiming to collect and analyze data from NTP network, a survey will be
held at all hosts available for public access on the NTP network, using
a program developed for this purpose. The survey will start today and
will last some days.

We plan to make this a permanent study, repeating the survey periodically.

The program run the following commands:
> ntpq -n -c pe -c rl <IP ADDRESS>
> ntpdate -q <IP ADDRESS>
> ntpdc -n -c monlist <IP ADDRESS>

Related work can be found at:


The addresses that will make the collection are the
(ntp-survey.ceptro.br) and (monitor.ntp.br) belonging to
NIC.br (Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto br). Some inicial
tests were already made from (dubai.ceptro.br).

If you notice any consultation on your NTP server, don´t be worried: the
data is for statistical purposes only. As all hosts running NTP are
potentially NTP servers, you can notice packets sent to the IPs of NTP
clients also. This research doesn´t undermines your network security.
The collection is unrelated to the purpose of exploiting any security
breach of NTP servers.

If you do not want your network to be searched, contact us by email ntp
at nic.br, and let us know what IP or IP range should not be consulted.
Fell free to contact us also for more information, criticisms,
sugestions or comments.

The findings will be made available on http://www.ntp.br.

Best regards,
Antonio M. Moreiras.
Brazilian Network Information Center - NIC.br
moreiras at nic.br

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