[GTER] Tamanho médio dos pacotes na Internet

Fabrício Barros Cabral fxcabral at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jan 18 02:56:52 -02 2007

Olá todos!

Olhando na Internet, acabei me deparando com o seguinte link:
http://netweb.usc.edu/~rsinha/pkt-sizes/, onde eles dizem:

"We were recently looking at packet size distributions in Internet
traffic. We observed two suprising things. First, current packet sizes
seem mostly bimodal at 40B and 1500B (at 40% and 20% of packets,
respectively). This observation represents a change from common wisdom
such as the pre-2000 data that reports tri-modal packet sizes around 40,
576, and 1500B. 

Second, in some cases we observe a strong mode around 1300B. This
represents a new phenomenon. 

The first observation holds across all observations at five different
network points, including Los Nettos (our regional ISP, carrying a mix
of academic and commercial traffic), a USC Internet2 connection, and
three connections monitored by NLANR. The second observation does not
hold universally, but is very strong at Los Nettos and USC Internet2,
and is noticeable in all traces. 

The shift away from 576B packets is not suprising, since it is
consistent with evolution of OSes and widespread use of Ethernet with a
1500B MTU. 

The growth at 1300B packets (seen at Los Nettos and the USC Internet2
link) was suprising to us. We have tentatively identified 1300B packets
as stemming from widespread use of VPN software, and possibly from
recommendations from DSL providers."

Assim, gostaria de saber se os amigos da lista gostariam de tecer algum
comentário sobre as afirmações acima e se teriam informações mais
recentes a respeito disto, já que esse site data de 2005.



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